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With Republican Nunzio Previtera facing Democrat Diego Bernal in a runoff election Feb. 17, to see who will fill Texas House seat 123, we take a look at the issues. Join us.

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Visit Caliente Hot Glass Studio with Glen Andrews II and Jake Zollie Harper. These two talented local glass artists will collaborate in an upcoming live-glass blowing event showcasing cutting edge artistry by merging two disparate disciplines rarely seen before now.

Also, meet local gallery owner Amada Claire Miller, who introduces emerging artists at Hello Studio in the Blue Star Arts Complex.



Rachel is shocked when Janet walks in on her and Kev and is forced to admit that her chaotic life is affecting her work. Meanwhile, Syndicate 9 is left reeling at the identity of the mole in the team, and when a body is found in Oldham town centre, the detective duo discover that a spate of street robberies may lead them to the killer.


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Join PBS TV chef Mary Ann Esposito for a multi-course Italian dinner, wine and fun!

Learn about Telling: San Antonio

"Average Americans don’t have a clue what military families go through." —Kenneth Fisher, Fisher House



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