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Whatever tools we teach children today, in ten years time, a large percentage
of them will be outdated. Yoram

When we teachers teach technology/computer subjects in the classroom, at any age level, it is our responsibility as teachers
to also teach, along with computer skills; Internet Safety, Computer Etiquette, and Media Awareness! These subjects should go hand-in-hand with ANY computer class being taught. These subjects should be mandatory!
Nancy M, a computer teacher, about
Sue H, a teacher


From Games to Education

From games to education, no single part of our lives is left untouched by technology. How we manage it or it manages
us is just one part to this compelling story unfolding online now at

Digital Nation goes real time into real stories of real people in the virtual frontier and KLRN seeks
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Expert Views on Learning with Technology

The New Digital Divide
America's Secretary of Education says
the problem isn't just getting access
to technology— it's how it's used.

At an age when American children
are just starting to learn arithmetic
and writing, Korean schoolchildren are already mastering "netiquette."

How Google Saved A School
Two years ago, this middle school was at risk of being shut down by
the city. Today it's a success story. What happened?

The Tech Fix
Technology can help solve some of
the educational system's problems,
says Henry Jenkins of USC.


How Video Games Can Help
They may be able to teach problem-solving skills better than textbooks. James Paul Gee is a leading proponent
of developing video games for education and a professor of literacy studies at Arizona State University.
His most recent book is Good Video Games and Good Learning.

Pressing Pause
As we hurtle along with technology,
it's important that someone reminds
us what's being left behind.
Mark Bauerlein is a professor at
Emory University and the author
The Dumbest Generation.