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Mark your calendars! NECC will be in San Antonio
June 29–July 2, 2008. Conference Registration and Housing Reservations are now open. Click here to visit the NECC website and learn more.


ICTT is an event that utilizes small-group, hands-on, interactive sessions to highlight the importance of integrating cutting-edge technology and instructional video into the classroom curriculum.
This conference attracts teachers, administrators, and others educational professionals from across San Antonio and throughout south central Texas.
Institute for Connecting Teachers and Technology (ICTT) 2007


KLRN Connect
KLRN’s streaming video service, KLRN
Connect, delivers digital video directly
to the classroom. Member schools have access to over 4,000 instructional
videos (40,000 video clips),as well as
other benefits.

Contact Malinda McCormick,
210.270.9000, for a free trial.

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Professional Development
Activities include our annual Institute for Connecting Teachers and Technology (ICTT) and PBS TeacherLine of Texas.

Malinda McCormick , 210.270.9000, for more information.

Institute for Connecting Teachers and Technology (ICTT)
PBS TeacherLine of Texas

Teacher's Toolkit

Bring the quality of PBS to your classroom through lesson plans, multimedia resources, websites, and activities. You can search our database of 4500+ lesson plans and find activities correlated to PBS television programs.

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Get Local
Check out the videos, websites, and lesson plans that have been created by KLRN for use in your classroom. From health and nutrition to environmental awareness, you’ll find quality resources, correlated to our state standards, to help you enrich your students’ learning experiences.
A Healthy Start - A Healthy Life
Harding Black: An American Treasure
Planet Patrol
Career Fest


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Calling all girls who love science. Become a SciGirl!

Join us September 12 for a FREE health focused training for childcare providers.

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